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What steps should I take before ordering?

Please take the time to accurately measure your space. We provide the height, width and depth of all of our pieces, it is important to ensure that the furniture not only fits in your space, but that it can get into your home! If the furniture has to go into an elevator, up a stairwell, through a narrow corridor or around a corner, it is important to ensure that you are choosing the right size for easy access.

No refunds will be provided, nor will delivery be credited for orders which will not fit into your home.

Will the furniture I order be exactly the same colour that I see on my screen?

The colours of the stain samples that are shown on the screen are only a guideline for the colour and undertones of the stain. There are a couple of factors which will dictate how the stain will actually look on your furniture:

Your monitor display

Every monitor will render the colours slightly differently, your screen settings and even the brightness level of your screen can affect how the colour shows.

The wood

Wood is a natural living material, due to environmental and geographical factors, every tree grows differently. If the wind always blows a certain way, there will be a different bend to the grain of the wood, if there was a year where there was a lot of rainfall, the tree may have grown with a more open pattern to the grain. Knots may occur depending on the type of wood and how the tree grew. All of these changes in the grain will dictate how the stain is absorbed. Each plank of wood has its own characteristics, and visual variations, however in a full piece of furniture the overall visual effect will be consistent with the sample.

These variations are what cannot be recreated with manmade materials and they are what add to the value and beauty of solid wood furniture.

What does "Built to Order" mean?

Built to Order means that the furniture that you have chosen is being made specifically for you by Canadian builders. We do not bring in container loads of furniture from overseas, all of our solid wood and steel furniture is Canadian made; the only way that we can offer so many stain colours is by making each piece to order. Therefore our furniture is artisanal and is not mass produced, the details are chosen by you and it is built specifically for you.

How should I take care of solid wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture can last a lifetime or even a couple of lifetimes if it is well maintained.


To clean your pieces, use a lightly moist soft cloth to wipe away the dust and any fingerprints. If the finish is looking a little dull, use a wood conditioner to regain the lustre.


Dry hot environments can wreak havoc on wood, as the fibres in the grain can actually shrink and crack. Maintain a slightly humid environment and do not allow your furniture to bake in direct sunlight; use a humidifier, maintain a little distance from space heaters and lower the blinds during the hottest parts of the day.

Click here for more detail on how to care for solid wood furniture.

What are the advantages of purchasing solid wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than mass produced furniture made of MDF/particle board which consists mainly of sawdust and glue. Our furniture comes from real trees, which are a renewable resource, and which benefit nature and the air quality.

Additionally solid wood furniture can often be touched up, repaired or refinished, whereas veneers once damaged are very difficult to repair.

Why the focus on Canadian made furniture?

We feel strongly in supporting Canadian workmanship and directly impacting the Canadian economy. In the 12 years that we have owned the business we have seen many small woodworking shops close their doors. This is a result of the move to mass produced imported furniture which has flooded the market due to its low cost. Unfortunately that low cost is fairly consistently at the expense of quality, longevity of the furniture and low third world worker pay.

With our Canadian made furniture we have actually been to the various woodworkers who make them, we have seen the skill and passion that the builders have for their pieces. We have also seen how they beneficially impact the local community. Most importantly we have established a positive relationship with our builders. They love what they do and we love working with them.

Our furniture is built using traditional methods so that the furniture we sell is meant to last a lifetime, they can be passed down, or passed on, there is no built in obsolescence which only benefits landfills.

How long is this going to take?

The Built to Order furniture takes approximately 6 to 7 weeks build. These pieces are made specifically for you according to the options which you have chosen. They are essentially bespoke pieces and as such take time to create.

Instock items will ship within 7 days of ordering. If an item is out of stock or on back order we will notify you within 48 hours.

Shipping time of completed furniture will depend on where you live, the average is 5 to 7 working days.

What is the advantage of purchasing online?

The biggest advantage is for those clients who live outside of the geographical areas of our stores. Otherwise we encourage people to visit our stores, to check the workmanship and quality of our pieces and to get a better understanding of what makes our furniture special.

How do you handle shipping?

The delivery standard is for curbside delivery. If your delivery is large, such as a bedroom suite or a dining table and server, we may palletize your shipment.

White glove service for delivery of your order into your home is an upcharge and quotes will need to be obtained for your approval.

What if I receive my furniture and it is damaged?

We carefully inspect our furniture before it is packed and shipped.

At time of delivery

When your pieces arrive, please carefully look over the packaging while the shipper is present. If there is any damage to the packaging ensure that the shipper notes it, and take a photo of the damage. Email us at info@creativehome.ca with the photo of the damage along with the date of the delivery.

Upon unpacking the furniture

If damage is noticed, please take a photo of the issue and email us at info@creativehome.ca.

We will review the photos and at our discretion will either arrange for repairs in house or for a replacement to be sent. All damage claims must be made within 48 hours of receiving your furniture.