The Poplar Collection

Queue Line

Named for the great Canadian tradition of standing in an orderly line, whether waiting for a bus or lining up for a check out, queuing is part of our national identity. This collection of bookcases can be placed as a single freestanding unit, or lined up together using our nifty connectors to queue up side by side for the avid bibliophile or for unique displays.


There is even the option of attaching a ‘floating’ desk or a desk and hutch in between 2 bookcases. All of the pieces will lock together nice and tight and can sit against a wall or free stand in your space.

Made of solid Canadian Poplar wood this series is super adaptable, the bookcases can come with shelves, fixed drawers, adjustable drawers, a desk and even a storage hutch. Mix and match to suit your needs, here are some creative examples.

Sturdy, solid, adaptable, functional and stands neatly in line, this series is unapologetically Canadian.

Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to brag…


The Supper set

Many of us Canadians know their evening meal as their ‘supper’. Generally supper is an informal family meal, whereas ‘dinner’ tends to be a fancier event, one for which the good china and fancy napkins are brought out of the cupboard. Given that homes today quite often have one large living space with an open kitchen and few still have a formal dining room, entertaining has a more casual vibe. So we like to think of this table as our Supper table. It’s unpretentious, homey, easy to live with great for one and even better for a crowd. Perfect for a workspace, a quick meal, a long chat or a party, this table and its little friend the Supper Server is made for modern living. 


Living Room Furniture

Our pieces echo the lines of the Queue bookcases, but with the added detail of closed in sides which helps to add more visual weight to these compact pieces. The shelves add a little extra storage for magazines and remotes. Clean and lean, that’s how we like our furniture.


Bedroom Suite

Not all of us have sufficient storage, so we have designed our bed 2 ways: with or without underbed storage drawers. Both have a slat style headboard which is gently angled for comfort whilst sitting up in bed, yet not so angled that it takes up a lot of space. The headboard slats are also bevelled along the inner edges so they won’t cut into your back. Comfort is key. The suite has accompanying nightstands, chest and dresser.


Plug and Play

Long Plug 'n' Play wall mounted BookshelfEvery inch counts when planning your space, which is why we love our new Plug and Play bookcase. Whether you are creating a focal point in your room to display books, favourite photos, that vintage Brownie camera or the collection of Hummel figurines that you inherited, this floating bookshelf will enable you to do it in style.

What’s with the name you wonder? Well this system consists of 3 easy steps:
1. A wall mounted bracket is basically for lack of a better description, mounted to the wall and into a stud.
2. Lie the Tower flat onto the floor, the shelves are then plugged into the slots and a cylindrical metal ‘Plug’ slides through the shelves from the top of the tower to hold everything in place.
3. The whole shebang is placed onto the bracket, and it is ready to ‘Play’.

Handcrafted by (Canadians in Canada) and built from Solid Poplar, this is a striking addition to any space. There are different shelf configurations, to suit your needs, and like our other pieces, it is available in a variety stains. The shelves are all trimmed with a narrow lip and a bevelled top edge to create a little more visual interest and polish, and so that the bits and pieces you have so lovingly arranged don’t go tumbling off.

These Plug and Plays can be used anywhere: in a kitchen for your cookbooks, in your stairwell landing to add some whimsy, in a bathroom for extra towels and toiletries. The light design allows you to make the most of your vertical space.

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