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Please be advised that these finishes are an approximate representation only, as colours seen on the web are rarely 100% true, and different monitors will display colours differently.


Matching stain colours

If you are trying to match an existing piece, please keep in mind that over time wood furniture will change in colour. Lighter stains will often darken a few shades and exposure to bright light may fade some darker tones.

Also please keep in mind that different manufacturers may use a stain with the same name, but they are not necessarily identical. In addition, each manufacturer has their own way of applying stain. Just as there are hundreds of shades of white paint, there are just as many permutations of an Espresso stain.


Factors which impact stain colours

Different types of wood even different batches of the same type of wood will take stains differently and even a single piece of wood will not absorb stain uniformly. This is due to the fact that every tree and resulting plank of wood will have a unique grain pattern with different curves, knots or mineral streaks as a result of the individual growing conditions. These small quirks or so called imperfections are what cannot be manufactured, they are the influences of nature that make solid wood instantly recognizable and sought after.

As a result, these pictures can only be an approximation and not exact.